Lamborghini Latinoamérica
the booster for your success

As a luxury brand, we pay close attention to our audience and strive to keep quality and pricing in line, as we rely on continuous feedback from our customers. Anything that fits the legendary brand philosophy can only be more successful with the Lamborghini name. Products include toys, perfumes, watches, notebooks and school supplies, shoes, bicycles and our latest release Lamborghini Donna, clothing and haute couture items for women.

Lamborghini Latinoamérica

We offer a wide range of services. These include marketing and advertising consulting and the extensive experience of our technical and legal team.

Made for the best, by the best.

This is our motto, and we stand by it. We have been developing products under the Lamborghini license since August 1995 and currently produce and sell in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico and currently, in countries such as Europe, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, etc. The product list is varied. This special status was confirmed by the 5th Commercial Court in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 15 November 2019. is legally registered in various trademark offices, such as IMPI MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY, WIPO, WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION, EUIPOPROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL DE LA UNION EUROPEA, which are completely open to the public and can be consulted through the official websites of IMPI and EUIPO or WIPO.

The success of a great brand
add invaluable value
to your products and services

We will continue to use the logos of the Latin brand and the parent brand interchangeably at the same time and create a lively and versatile brand image. The Lamborghini brand has an extremely competitive value. Our goal is to use this value to give high quality, exclusive and intelligent products a good chance on the market.

They all agree: the world of Lamborghini is unique.